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Cancellation / Modification of Flight Tickets

Cancellation / Modification (re-issue) of any flight ticket booked through us will be subjected to the Airlines cancellation & re-issue policy , subjected to get revised time to time by airlines and published on their website.Please refer to the cancellation policy mentioned on e-ticket / airlines website or contact airlines customer care for more details.

Apart from Airlines cancellation/modification fee , all Cancellation and Modification of flight tickets booked through us will attract a Travelcraft service fee ranging from INR 250 to INR 3500 , depend on the class of booking,value of tickets,payment mode and airlines charges.

Cancellation / Modification of Tour Packages

Cancellation & Modification of Tour Packages is subjected t terms & conditions mentioned on the package confirmation.

If there is no term & conditions mentioned , the package considered to be "Non-Refundable" and there will be no refund on cancellation of such packages .

Modification of "Non-Refundable" packages will attract a 100% charges of cost of modification + Service fee.

 Refund Policy :

   - Any refund takes 7 to 10 working days to be processed. In some cases it may take longer than usual time. We do not pay any sort of compensation or interest for delay in refund

  - For every refund to be processed , client need to furnish all the details and documents (if required)

Services & Satisfaction :

   - Travelcraft facilitate our client to book together a bunch of services offered through different vendors , like hotels, transport operators, activity operators , local ground operators and travel agents. We advise our client to check the quality of hotels and other services on corresponding websites or any other travel site or expert before booking.We try to book best of the services within your given budget , but ambience,behavior,services and satisfaction is beyond our control

Lowest Airfare Guarantee Policy :

   - "Lowest Airfare Guarantee" means that the website is showing the lowest possible airfare which is being quoted to a guest online through our web search by our company.That guarantees that you are seeing "Our Companies" best quote (not to be compared with others) , which we can extend to our client . It'll certainly be lower than many travel agents ,but we can not guarantee the no one can offer lower airfare than us .